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This Privacy Policy, pursuant to Article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 /30 June 2003, i.e. the "Personal Data Protection Code" (hereafter referred to as the "Code") applies to the use of this website (, the "Website") and use of all services offered by the Website. We kindly ask you to carefully read this Privacy Policy to learn how Romagnoli Rondinella srl., as Subject in charge of the processing of your personal data, collects information about you, for what purposes it is used (Purposes of Processing) and other aspects of its management.

Nature of processed data

Processing only refers to the information indicated in the registration "forms" to create a user account at the Website. We ask you to provide personal information, such as your first and family name, address, country of residence, gender, date of birth, nationality, e-mail address and telephone number. In addition, you are requested to choose a username and password for your user account and optional data (i.e. profession) for registration with the Rondinella Community and registration for our Rondinella Newsletter mailing list, present on the website. When buying a product from the Website or when using other services offered by the Website, Rondinella collects transaction information, such as what kind of products you bought, delivery address, credit card and payment details. When communicating with us, by sending e-mails for example, we retain such communication in order to process your enquiries, respond to your requests and improve our services. We do not request any data that may be considered "sensitive" or of a judicial nature - pursuant to Article 4, Paragraph 1 of the Code. With particular reference to messages sent to us containing applications for a possible professional relationship with our Company, we invite anyone willing to submit their curriculum vitae or personal resume to abstain from indicating "sensitive" data on it in order to avoid that it be destroyed immediately. In regards to military service, one must indicate whether it has been carried out without adding any specific information regarding service as a conscientious objector; in the case of a change of profession, one should abstain from indicating the reasons for said change (i.e. pregnancy, accident, disease, etc). In addition, we collect information such as your IP-address, browser type and version, operating system and platform automatically whenever you interact with us. There are "cookies" on our Website and we collect the abovementioned information whenever your web browser accesses the Website. Cookies are pieces of information which are transferred to your computer's hard drive through your web browser in order to help us recognize you when you access the Website, to remember your settings and to personalize the Website according to your needs. You may disable cookies in the settings of your web browser but please be aware that you may not use all of the services on the Website if cookies are disabled.

Purpose of this Processing

Your data will be processed in order to suggest and provide the services offered through the website, and its single-brand stores; in particular, the processing of your data is used for the following purposes:

  • To fulfil your requests to create an account for registration with the Community and registration to the Rondinella Newsletter mailing list;
  • To handle orders for delivery of products and / or provide the services required;
  • To personalize content and shopping experiences on the Website, process payments, optimize our services, products and the Website. Since we want our customers to feel safe, information is also collected to detect, investigate and prevent fraud and other illegal activities;
  • To send you informative material on products/services and the promotion of trade operations for the Rondinella brand and other Rondinella Group brands. In addition, this information will be used for marketing and statistical analysis in order to improve the supply of products and the services offered by Romagnoli Rondinella srl, as well as to promote discounts, offers and rewards. Therefore, the provided data may be processed in order for you to receive commercial information concerning the products and services of the Rondinella brand, as well as Group companies Romagnoli Rondinella srl, by sending advertising materials or direct selling through telephone channels, MMS and SMS, videos, e-mail and fax. Other purposes include research, statistical and market developments, to carry out investigations, surveys and to learn more about our client's satisfaction with the quality of our services through telephone interviews.

Processing Methods

Personal information will be processed by using tools and procedures which are the most suited to guaranteeing its security and confidentiality in order to prevent data modification, cancellation, destruction, unauthorized access or processing which has not been authorised or does not comply with the purpose of the collection itself. The processing of personal information can be carried out by using both paper and electronic devices. Personal information can be stored both on paper and electronic files so as to allow us, when necessary, to identify and select information for a period that does not exceed the time and the needs of processing which is to be carried pursuant to Article 11 of the Code. Processing of personal information will be carried out within the framework of Rondinella S.pA.'s internal organization, so as to guarantee that access to and modification of personal information are allowed to the personnel explicitly entrusted by Romagnoli Rondinella srl., within the necessary limits to carry out their commissioned duties and pursuant to abovementioned purposes. As for electronic data in particular, Romagnoli Rondinella srl.'s web server is equipped with a standard system for filing log files; log files are made up of code strings that allow Romagnoli Rondinella srl. to acquire a series of technical information such as the date and time of the connection and the IP address used by the Guest for internet connection; the log file register can be shown only to Judicial Authority upon explicit request thereof. The system for the analysis of the web surfing described above will be used by Romagnoli Rondinella srl. for the sole purpose of carrying out internal statistical surveys on accesses to the site, for example the most visited pages.

Obligation to the transmission of data and consequences of a possible denial

As for the data necessary for the abovementioned purposes of processing, the non-transmission of said data from you will imply the impossibility to propose and provide the services offered by Romagnoli Rondinella srl. through its websites and its single-brand stores, within the limits necessary to use data for these purposes. By filling in and sending the form you, as the interested party, grant your authorization to the processing of your personal information in the ways and under the conditions indicated in the "Purpose of this Processing "section of this informative report.

Communication and diffusion

Your data will not be "disclosed" by our Company, whereby the term "diffusion" means that said data shall not be made known in any way to indeterminate subjects by means of making them available or through consultation of any kind. Your information will be "communicated" by our Company, whereby the term "communication means that said data shall be made known to one or several of the subjects indicated below:

  • subjects in charge of processing your data inside our Company or other Romagnoli Rondinella srl subsidiaries or allied companies, in particular people employed in the Marketing Department;
  • subjects in charge of processing your data engaged by Romagnoli Rondinella srl for specific services, such as the processing of your order, delivery of your products, the processing of your payment and customer service;
  • subjects authorised to access personal data pursuant to the law, community regulations or norms within the limits foreseen by said provisions;
  • subjects who need to access your data to fulfil the auxiliary purposes of the relationship between our Company you within the limits which are strictly necessary to carry out the auxiliary tasks entrusted to them, i.e. postal carriers.

Your rights

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Code, you are entitled to the following rights from our Company:

  • To obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data related to you, even if this data has not yet been registered and the communication in an intelligible form of the same data and their origin, as well as of the purposes and methods of processing including that used for the processing of data with electronic devices;
  • To ascertain that your data has been updated, corrected and supplemented;
  • To obtain the cancellation and/or transformation of data that does not need to be stored with reference to the purposes of the collection and processing of said data;
  • To oppose, totally or in part for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal information, even if said information is relevant to the purpose of the collection.

In order to exercise said rights pursuant to Article 8 of the Code, the interested Party shall have to send a written request in one of the following ways:

  • By mailing the request to the postal address: Romagnoli Rondinella srl. Via Bore Chienti, 14 62015 Monte San giusto (MC) - Italy
  • By e-mailing the request to for the updating, correction and supplementation of your data.

By accessing your account on the Website, you have the possibility at any time to correct and amend your personal information such as your first name and family name, your address and your country of residence

Changes in this Privacy Policy

Please note that we may change this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to better protect your personal information. We recommend that you regularly check this Privacy Policy when accessing your account. Your continued use of the Website indicates your agreement to the new Privacy Policy.

Related information

Before using the Website, we kindly ask you to also carefully read the following documents: General Terms and Conditions

Subject in charge and people responsible for processing

The Subject in charge of processing your personal data is: Romagnoli Rondinella srl. Via Bore Chienti, 14 62015 Monte San giusto (MC) - Italy. The complete list of all those responsible for the processing of your personal data, appointed by our Company, is available at the Company's headquarters.