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  • Our company is one of the most long-established companies in Monte San Giusto and, today, it is also one of the most technologically advanced. The methods of the 'master shoemaker’ – which are luckily still part of the Rondinella company - go hand in hand with innovative manufacturing and logistic systems. It is important to be good craftsmen and vital entrepreneurs.
  • Shoes for children must be the most special. Walking well means walking in the right way and vice versa. Trendy styles, quality materials and handmade manufacturing processes, supported by hi-tech systems, are our priorities and the reason why our shoes are chosen by the most demanding customers. Rondinella shoes are entirely manufactured in the Monte San Giusto production plant. Our area has a strong shoemaking tradition, and working ‘on site’ means collaborating with people with expertise and highly professional skills. As added values , we also provide quality and creativity, unique elements of made in Italy all over the world.
  • Children make several stressful movements extending and flexing the backs and fronts of their feet especially when they run, jump or play. That is why all the manufacturing stages, from punching to stitching, are equally important to us. Details make a difference in terms of quality and comfort. We can say that we ‘never let our shoes go' , even once they are shipped or when children wear them ; we check everything with extreme care . We always feel close to those who choose Rondinella, season after season, with new proposals and we always keep an eye on our ‘young’, inseparable friends.