Rondinella - Our History | Rondinella Shoes


  • The history of Rondinella started in 1936, when Alfredo and Lola Romagnoli opened a small production plant of their own in Monte San Giusto. Their shoes were immediately appreciated for their quality and style in the town and in the nearby area where Alfredo and Lola found new customers. They travelled by bike for long distances in order to make a living selling their shoes.
  • In 1937 thy had their first and only child Franco . Alfredo advised him not to follow the the shoemaking careerer, because , as he put it ,' it is a marvellous job, but it will absorb all your energy. You’d better go to school’ he continued . But Franco enjoyed this activity and, as a child, he considered it a sort of game; at twelve, under his grandfather’s guidance, Franco started to work in the sector seriously.
  • They needed a bigger space and in 1972 Franco and his wife Pina started a small company. Their shoes were branded Romagnoli Rondinella. In 2004, they opened the new plant and Franco, together with his sons Alfredo and Alfio Romagnoli, has led the company since then. Today their shoes are branded Rondinella and this means high quality.